Procurement Services

Procurement Services Description:

Do you own a small business and find yourself overwhelmed with daily operating tasks and duties?  Do you often experience buyer’s remorse after purchasing items such as printers, ink, toner cartridges, cables, and accessories? Buyer’s Remorse can be described as a feeling of regret once you find out that a recent purchase doesn’t meet your expectations or oftentimes, when you find what you recently purchased for less than you paid for it.  No More Lines is your solution.  

No More Lines can contract with your small business to provide you with the peace of mind by procuring what you need for the best price, so you can focus on maintaining and improving your small business.

No More Lines has years of experience navigating eBay and other websites and can quickly and accurately find exactly what you need for your business at the best possible price.*

No More Lines also offers these services to skilled labor small businesses such as electricians, painters, carpenters, mechanics, and general contractors. No More Lines can work with you to find your customers the best possible item at the lowest price so you can strengthen existing relationships and build lasting and fulfilling relationships with your customers.

No More Lines also offers these services to consumers. 

  • Do you have children who want a particular toy or video game?
  • Afraid of overpaying for an item due to supply scarcity?
  • Do you want to be sure your money stretches as far as possible?
  • In the market for that new gadget?

No More Lines can eliminate the headache of searching for what you need.

Contact No More Lines for details.

*Prices naturally fluctuate depending on market factors and No More Lines cannot predict these conditions.

Procurement Services Guidelines and Pricing:

10% of final sales price of service order plus sales tax (i.e. $150 total order cost would have a $15 procurement fee).  There is a $5 minimum procurement charge per order. All orders require a non-refundable deposit of at least 50% of the final sales price before order fulfillment (includes procurement fee and  applicable sales tax). Louisiana customers are subject to a 5% state sales tax.

All customers must pay remaining balance within 7 days after being notified of delivery of procurement order unless otherwise specified.

Return Policy:

Items must be returned within sourcing seller’s return period. This time-frame will be specified by No More Lines to the customer before any order is placed. All returned procurement orders will be charged a $5 return fee (less refunded amount returned to customer upon return of procured item). If applicable, procurement customer must pay return shipping and/or this amount will be deducted from the total refund.


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